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Support & Ticket System

Support section overview 

The support section is intended for communication with your manager: 


In the Support section, you can see your pre-moderation offer requests decisions and create a new ticket for your manager. Your request will be automatically added to the Support section as a Ticket when you request access to the pre-moderation offer in the Offer section.

Here you may see next ticket parameters:

  • ID – Ticket ID in your manager panel
  • Data creation – Ticket data creation
  • Ticket title – Ticket title or request to the offer
  • Ticket type – Ticket type which can be: Offer Request, General questions, Payments, Technical questions
  • Answers – The number of answers to the ticket from you and your manager
  • Status – Ticket status, which can be: Closed – means the ticket is resolved and closed by your manager, Opened – means the ticket is new and not closed by your manager. 

How to create a new ticket?

To start a conversation with your manager, go to the ‘Support’ section’ and click on the ‘Create ticket’ button


Here you will see New ticket form with required fields that need to be filled:

  • Type – ticket type, which depends on your question. It can be: General questions, Payments, Technical questions
  • Title – enter here a short ticket title or a subject of the question
  • Description – write here your question or describe your difficulty
  • Attachment – optional field. You may upload a necessary file in one of the following formats: .jpg, .png, .zip, .gif. 

You can upload not more than 5 files with a size of not more than 5 MB each.

After filling all the required fields, click on the ‘Add’ button to save a new ticket and send it to your manager. 

When your manager responds to your ticket, you will see the corresponding checkmark:


Open the necessary ticket to view the answer from your manager. You also can continue communication with the manager by adding a comment:


Additional Help Resources


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