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Offers Section

The article covers the following topics:

  • All offers
  • Available offers
  • Live offers

Offers section consists of 3 subsections:

  1. All offers – the list of offers in public and pre-moderation status
  2. Available offers -the list of offers in public status and offers connected to you by your Affiliate Manager (means that request is approved)
  3. Live Offers – the list of offers to which you send traffic 

All Offers

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In the All Offers section, you can connect to public offers or request access to the pre-moderation offer. It is also possible to filter offers by Offer ID or Offer Name, by Offer Category and by Country. 

import.pngWhen Country filter is applied, only countries from all general Targeting groups will be shown. For example: the offer has two general Targeting groups: one with USA, another one with Russia, and one personal Targeting group with France. If you want to find the offer with France, this offer won’t be shown in the list of offers.

Public offers

To refer the public offer information, click on the ‘Get link‘ button:

image 10 1024x465 - Offers Section


Offer Preview: offer preview link.

Creatives: creatives you may download (if any).

Geography and paid goals: information about offer paid goals (if any) and its GEO restrictions.

Conversion rates: offer CR% weekly value, EPC weekly value and click session lifespan – is time period when the conversion is allowed for click.

Traffic sources: offer traffic sources.

Limits: cap limits if there are any.

Tracking link: offer tracking link;

Parameters: fields where Affise client may put additional macros for sub-accounts and other data, which Affise client want to receive from you;

Your postbacks: fields where you may add your local postback for a specific offer for S2S Integration or pixel for Pixel Integration. 

Postback Information: the list of all available macros for your postback. 

Below you will find all available marcos for your postback:

{uagent}UserAgent of user browser
{ip}User IP-address
{sub1} – {sub8}Subaccount 1 – Subaccount 8 
{ref_id}An additional macro for postback URL
{os_id}An additional macro for postback URL
{user_id}An additional macro for postback URL
{ext1}An additional macro for postback URL
{ext2}An additional macro for postback URL
{ext3}An additional macro for postback URL
{transactionid}Conversion identificator of the advertiser
{date}Date and time of conversion committing in format y-m-d h:i:s
{click_date}Date and time of click committing in format y-m-d h:i:s
{offerid}Offer identificator in the System
{offer_name}Offer title in the System
{status}Conversion status, available values*:1 – conversion is “Approved”2 – conversion is “Pending”3 – conversion is “Declined”5 – action is approved and put on “Hold”
{sum}Conversion payout
{time}Time of conversion committing in format H:i:s
{date_only}Date of conversion committing in format Y-m-d
{rand}Unique number (UUID format, eg: 9cdf32d5-124e-4e06-b25b-4c92d3cec9dc)
{referrer}Click referrer
{custom_field1} – {custom_field7} or {custom_field_1} – {custom_field_7}Additional macros
{os}OS Family
{timestamp}Unix timestamp of conversion creation

Pre-moderation offers

To refer the pre-moderation offer information, click on the ‘Request access‘ button:

image 11 1024x374 - Offers Section

IO Document: this function lets you attach an insertion order document as a sign of commitment to a specific offer between Affise client and Affiliate. You need to sign a document and reattached back when requesting the access to the offer tracking URL.

After filling all the necessary fields, click on the ‘Apply’ button to request access to the offer Tracking URL, and expect your Manager’s confirmation. Your request will be added as a ticket in the Support section where you can track the ticket decision. 

Available offers

This section includes public offers, pre-moderation, and private offers connected to you by your Affiliate Manager (means that request is approved).

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Live Offers

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