How can I get a promo code?

In order to receive your promo code, request it from your manager by describing your traffic and goal of using the promo code.

Where can I get creatives?

Creatives are placed in “creative” section in every offer.

Go into the offer, scroll down to creatives section and download it.

image 21 1024x578 - Where can I get creatives?

If you need some non-standard creatives, than feel free to request it from our manager.
We will prepare not only banners, but also landings and review texts as well.

How does the top up promocode work?

While repleneshing trading balance, the user’s trading account
additionally receives % from the amount of which he replenished
and from which there was a promo code, but no more than 1 BTC.

For example, 35% promo code on refill. User deposited 2 btc. He will receive
0,35 over it.

User deposits 0,5 btc for 50% promo code. He will recieve 0,25 over it.