Multicurrency. Commission calculation.

How do you calculate revenue share if traders can trade in different currencies?

All commissions instantly recalculate into the offer currency (BTC or USD) during closing of positions. All commissions are displayed in the offer currency. If a trader deposited and traded in ETH currency, then at the time of closing this position, commission will be recalculated from ETH into BTC at the current rate of closing the position and credited to you in BTC

Where could I get referral link?

Referral link is available after the registration will be confirmed.

Go into your profile account in referral program section and use this type of link by replacing XXX to
your unique partner value

How to attract new affiliates?

In order to attract new partners in our affiliate program, use this type of referral link by replacing XXX on your PID

image 24 1024x389 - How to attract new affiliates?

How to withdraw my commission?

You need to fill in the payment method in the profile settings, to earn the commissions which will be ready to withdraw, wait for Monday and receive your payment.

image 23 1024x478 - How to withdraw my commission?

I added a wallet but didn’t got a payment on Monday, Why?

Probably you don’t have enough commissions for the payment.

In order to receive the payment, you need to have available balance that is not less then 100$ or equal to btc.

Another reason could be the lack of payment method in earning currency. For example, you earned 0.05 btc, and indicate USD withdrawal method. In this case payment can’t be done to you.

We highly recommend to fill in BTC and USD payment methods. You can mention USD payment in your BTC wallet.

Which offer should I select?

It all depends on your traffic. Revenue share is the most profitable offer in long term perspective.

If you arbitrage and you need working capital, then you can consider Hybrid offer.

In any case please talk to your manager to receive professional support.

What’s the test limit?

There are test limits in some offers in order to understand quality of your traffic and profitability.

Without bringing enough test conversions, our security system may not understand the quality of your traffic.

When the test limit is reached, then we make decisions on further cooperation for this offer. If the quality is not good, then you can continue working on the revenue share offer.

All approved conversion will be paid on the revenue share model.