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Affiliate panel overview

After account creation in Affiliate panel, you will have access to the next sections:

  • Dashboard: here you can see aggregated statistics, last news, your manager contacts.
  • Offers: here you have access to offers you can either start using right now or request access to them.
  • Smartlinks: here you have access to all Smartlinks.
  • Statistics: here you can view summary statistics in various slices using different filters.
  • Payments: here you can see the whole list of payments.
  • News: here you can see the whole list of all news.
image 1 1024x714 - Affiliate panel overview
  • Referrals: here you can see the list of your referral partners (ID, time of registration and name).
  • API: here you can find more information about how to use API. 
  • Support: here you can see your pre-moderation offer requests decisions and create a new ticket for your manager.

This is a new version of the affiliate panel. If the you would like to move to the old one, press ‘Move to old design‘ button. If there is no such a button, it means Affise client doesn’t want his affiliates to be able to switch to the old design.

image 2 1024x368 - Affiliate panel overview

Additional Help Resources


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