I signed up at the affiliate program but couldn’t log into the trading platform

Registration on the platform and in affiliate program are two completely different things.

By registering on PrimeXBT platform you can work in the 4-level program.
In order to get access to different variety of offers, you need to become an affiliate partner.

We need to highlight that it is prohibited to register yourself under your affiliate link on the platform.

Why do I have the different amount in the ‘Balance’, ‘Hold’, ‘Available’?

Balance is all commissions,including commissions in pending status. If they
will be approved, then they go into available balance. If they are declined, they will disappear from the balance.

Balance: includes payouts for conversions that have Approved, Pending, Not found, and Hold statuses;
Hold: includes payouts for conversions that have Hold status only;
Payout: includes payouts for conversions that have Approved status only.

Can I gain money from traders losses?

We pay % of profit, which your clients bring in turbo module.
Since profit is formed from the loss of your clients, then in this case you will get profit from the loss.

There is no such thing in margin trading, so you receive % from commissions which are paid by your clients.

What is a profit share offer (%) and how is it calculated?

This is the most profitable offer on long distance in our affiliate program.
This offer has no analogues in the world!

In profitshare offer you earn from %
commissions which are paid by your traders in margin trading.

Also you earn % of the company’s profit that your clients brought in the turbo module and % from commissions paid by managing strategies in
Covesting module.

What are the restricted Countries?

Currently are prohibited the United States of America, Canada, United States Minor
Outlying Islands, American Samoa, Israel, Japan, Algeria, Ecuador, Iran, North Korea, Sudan,
Syria and such regions as Crimea (disputable territory between RU and UA).

The most relevant information is in General KPI for every offer.

Every offer also can’t accept some additional countries, which are not mentioned in the list above.

What is KPI?

Every offer has its own KPI, so in order to receive the payment you need to meet these KPI.

If KPI is not met, payment will not be sent.
In order to get acquainted with KPI for a particular offer, go to the specific offer and read KPI section.

There are general KPIs for all offers, which are also mentioned in the offer section.

image 22 1024x803 - What is KPI?

How can I get a promo code?

In order to receive your promo code, request it from your manager by describing your traffic and goal of using the promo code.

Where can I get creatives?

Creatives are placed in “creative” section in every offer.

Go into the offer, scroll down to creatives section and download it.

image 21 1024x578 - Where can I get creatives?

If you need some non-standard creatives, than feel free to request it from our manager.
We will prepare not only banners, but also landings and review texts as well.